Who am I?


I’m a 23 year old Digital Marketing graduate that’s recently moved to Brighton. 

Despite trying and failing, all my previous attempts at blogging have ground to a halt at some stage or another – despite the fact I managed to amass over 15,000 followers on Tumblr at 16 years old… 7 years, numerous different platforms later and I’M BACK! 

I’ve always been obsessed with capturing life and being able to look back and reminisce on the good ole’ times through photographs. My MySpace profile is a time capsule in itself; hundreds of pictures featuring horrendous hair choices that could terrify anyone who happened to stumble across it.  To be fair though, the same could be said about the archives of my Instagram and Facebook profiles.. (and probably yours!!)

I started this blog in the hope that it will serve as a way of being able to remember certain times in my life with more clarity; especially now that my memory is failing to serve me as well as it once did! I love the idea of being able to mix pictures with words and later look back on how I was feeling when I wrote them and how things (could have) changed.

Life seems to be passing me by quicker by the day and I’ve learned over time that I will eventually grow to regret the things I didn’t do, rather than the things I did. (i’m looking at you, past self who didn’t start doing youtube when you should have! you could be famous by now) 

So, now you know a bit about me, if you’re interested in following my ramblings and musings then please stay tuned!